Online Language Web Site Content Statistics

There are well over 600 million internet users from all over the world, with more than 313 billion web pages (according to statistics). I did the math and something doesn't calculate. If this is true, that would mean something like 500 web pages for every single internet user. Hmmmm, I don't swallow that one too easily.

Unfortunately these statistics were not listed with details, so it is difficult for me to probe further and uncover the truth of the matter. These statistics come from a reliable source though.

In any case, I will post here what I did find. This is a simple percentages chart listing how web content is divided by language.

Chart of Web content, by language

  • English 68.4%
  • Japanese 5.9%
  • German 5.8%
  • Chinese 3.9%
  • French 3.0%
  • Spanish 2.4%
  • Russian 1.9%
  • Italian 1.6%
  • Portuguese 1.4%
  • Korean 1.3%
  • Other 4.6%

Total Web pages: 313 B

Source:, as quoted by